All About TV

Here are my top TV shows… If your looking for something good to watch, check’em out.

These are in no specific order. They are all great from top to bottom.


Being Human Watch on syfy

1. Being Human. This first season syfy series is taken from the UK show with the same name. It follows the lives and relationships that evolve around the main characters,  A werewolf, A ghost and A vampire. Ultimately, this show has spunk. Its not jammed pack with action but the scenes are meaningful and the relationships are easy to swallow. It doesn’t require you undivided attention to enjoy it or the actors.


Supernatural watch on CW

2. Supernatural airs on CW. To put it lightly this show rocks my socks and I never miss an episode. The witty one-liners, the chemistry between the cast, and the never ending shock value of the episodes always ends with me in stitches. Its a well rounded show full of love, life, and loss. It follows the story of two supernatural hunter brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. After overcoming the loss of bot their mother and father to demons, the brothers take on angels, demons and anything else that goes bump in the night. For me this show has it all and I’ve laughed, cried and shook my fist at the TV plenty of times. I highly recommend it. Its in its 6th season so please go back and become and supernatural fan from the beginning.


CSI: NY watch on CBS

3.CSI: NY I am so in love with this show and I have been for years. Its based on the premise of the other popular CSI programs only this one hits closer to home for me. Its the NY crime lab and they are geared to solve murders and make you say awwwwe at the same time. The relationships between characters make this an easy watch even if you’re squeamish around the usual blood and guts of crime shows. Pretty good watch and I recommend to anyone who likes crime dramas. It airs on CBS.



4. PSYCH, This show has some of the best comedic writers working in the television industry. I am always entertained when I’m watching Psych. The main character Shawn and his noble ever name changing sidekick Gus have convinced the Santa Barbara Police Department that Shawn is psychic in order to gain employment. Shawn uses a set of hyper observant skills taught to him by his father, a retired cop for the SBPD. The hilarious duo find themselves in danger around every corner but never fail to deliver the greatness that is Psychic Detective Shawn Spencer and his partner Gee Buttersnaps! Airs on the USA network.


Lie To Me

5. Lie To Me. This show has changed the way I look at people on a regular basis. Its story line is based on a man with an extraordinary gift of reading peoples faces or what is known as micro-expressions. His team of naturals and educated face readers make up a group of people you do not want to come up against. Walking in Cal’s shoes is his teenage daughter who isn’t far behind him in being able to read people in a split second. The dynamic of this show is so unique and refreshing. Its the type of show that you can rewatch episodes no matter how many times you’ve seen them. It currently airs on FOX.

Bones Watch on Fox

6. BONES. Last but certainly not least. This show should require no recommendation because you ALL should already be watching it. Taking the unlikely duo of a scientific forensic anthropologist and a heart heavy FBI agent with a past and combining them into an hour of magic. Simply put, you cannot take your eyes off the screen during the episode. They both learn a little more about themselves only by spending time in each others worlds. The supporting cast in this show is remarkable and they can hold their own against the big dogs. The relationships are cemented and they are proving to stand the test of time as the seasons progress and new adventures begin. Crime solving, butt kicking, hilarity are packed into each episode and you better believe my DVR is set every Thursday night.


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