Monthly Archives: April 2011

Never Too Late

What you’ve missed…

In all honestly, there isn’t much that you’ve missed. My health for starters has gotten better and I’m now going to be starting some medication in the next few days. Fingers are crossed I can assure you. All my other labs came back excellent and thats worth celebrating. Unfortunately, I wont be celebrating with chocolate cake.

Sam is much better now. Her wounds are healed, no more infections and she’s just as rambunctious as ever. Thankful to the higher power for that one. I can’t seem to break her from attacking the screen in the middle of the night and screeching out into the darkness. Im sure even the owls are like WTF?

Good news… more like awesomest news… Kelly will be here on Monday people!! I know it seems like only yesterday I was sighing at the fact that her scheduled trip was over 7 months away and now in a few days I’ll be able to cuddle my libra.  I’m not really sure what we are going to be doing when she arrives especially since know she’s informed me of an oncoming cold that is punching her in face.

There is something about sitting here and blogging with the windows open and the warm 74 degrees breeze blowing across me, the muddy sounds of some blues pouring out of my speakers in surround sound. If I close my eyes I can pretend I’m in New Orleans.

Texas move is coming up soon! August is my last month in PA and Im not really sure there is a

A Flower In Her Hair

word other than excited to describe my emotions. On a side note I am not looking forward to the drive in mid-August but nonetheless the prize is what waits for me in the lone star state.

I probably should wrap this up seeing as how I’m at work and this isn’t very productive. I’ll pop in again. But its not like anyone is reading this so…

Over and Out ❤