My Purpose

I’m a complicated woman with uncomplicated solutions. My interests would require a flash drive to hold them all. I may suffer from dissociative identity disorder, undiagnosed of course. I feel like I’m 20 people trapped in the same meat suit. Im usually funny but not everyone thinks so. Subtract the sex appeal and add some pounds and ladies and gentleman you have the writer formally known as Laura. I ramble, with a zero tolerance for stupidity. I dont have a lot of friends although the ones I have are my partners in crime. Sometimes I’m the lime and other times I’m the coconut.

This blog is about a day in my life, one at a time. My adventures of normalcy and struggles that seem to find their way to my door. Trying to find a healthier me and doing it through countless Woman’s Day articles. Tricks of the trade I’ve learned along the way along with my ups and downs. I’m not perfect and this is my way of showing the world or at least those with an internet connection,  how a 28 year old woman deals with what life throws at her.

Self Appreciation


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