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Holy Crap Im A Blogger!

Well, today I am brand new. Although I may be a novice in the world of wordpress, I assure you that I’ve been a blogger before blogging had a name. So lets jump “write” in! (see what I did there? Ok so I’m probably not the first to use this joke but chances are I wont be the last and Im comfortable being the middle child. Not too much is expected of the middle child.)

Friday! It was payday… so this means what exactly? It means the money I worked hard for the past two weeks was given to me so I could put it right back into the economy. While I wish I could say it was spent on frivolous items like socks and underwear, alas it was spent on rent and paying for my car registration renewal. So here was todays struggle…

It was too late to mail off for my renewal so I took it to a local notary. Im sitting there money in had to do this simple transaction when she looks at me and says, “Uh Oh”… Lady do not say Uh Oh… I’m sitting here with the 50 bucks clenched in my hand about to beg her for my little plate sticker when she tells me that my state suspended my tags! So I seen her “Uh Oh” and raised her a big o’ WTF? I swear I started pouting when I watched her put the envelop containing the registration back into the pile of other unopened envelops. I sat there patiently or as well as I could mange, and listened to her tell me my next steps.

  1. Leave her notary and drive across town to another notary.
  2. Wait in line at 2nd notary, playing fruit ninja on my iPhone watching the clock, hoping to be out of there by 2pm to get to work.
  3. Sit with a notary and explain why I was sent there, which for the record notary people, you know why we are there so when Im explaining something to you it would be helpful if you didn’t just blink at me. A simple nod of recognition would be suitable.
  4. Let the notary take a giant bite out of my wallet by charging me every fee known to woman while she smiled.
  5. Grab my new registration and haul ass to my job.

Now I know most of you are wondering as was I, why the hell my tag was suspended in the first place… hope your sitting down.

It was because in May of last year I bought a new car and got rid of my old car on the same day. My insurance was up for my old car so I didn’t bother renewing and it expired that night at midnight. I took my new car the same day and signed with a new insurance company. I was supposed to mail in proof of insurance to my DOT when I received the paperwork.(Which never came) So for those 3 hours of transfer being “unaccounted” for by my states DOT I was required to pay 75 bucks to reinstate my privilege to renew my vehicle registration.

Moral of the story folks: Don’t wait until the last week to renew your registration otherwise, you could be in for a hell of a day. Procrastination kiddies is not always our friends.