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Never Too Late

What you’ve missed…

In all honestly, there isn’t much that you’ve missed. My health for starters has gotten better and I’m now going to be starting some medication in the next few days. Fingers are crossed I can assure you. All my other labs came back excellent and thats worth celebrating. Unfortunately, I wont be celebrating with chocolate cake.

Sam is much better now. Her wounds are healed, no more infections and she’s just as rambunctious as ever. Thankful to the higher power for that one. I can’t seem to break her from attacking the screen in the middle of the night and screeching out into the darkness. Im sure even the owls are like WTF?

Good news… more like awesomest news… Kelly will be here on Monday people!! I know it seems like only yesterday I was sighing at the fact that her scheduled trip was over 7 months away and now in a few days I’ll be able to cuddle my libra.  I’m not really sure what we are going to be doing when she arrives especially since know she’s informed me of an oncoming cold that is punching her in face.

There is something about sitting here and blogging with the windows open and the warm 74 degrees breeze blowing across me, the muddy sounds of some blues pouring out of my speakers in surround sound. If I close my eyes I can pretend I’m in New Orleans.

Texas move is coming up soon! August is my last month in PA and Im not really sure there is a

A Flower In Her Hair

word other than excited to describe my emotions. On a side note I am not looking forward to the drive in mid-August but nonetheless the prize is what waits for me in the lone star state.

I probably should wrap this up seeing as how I’m at work and this isn’t very productive. I’ll pop in again. But its not like anyone is reading this so…

Over and Out ❤


Light at the end of the tunnel?

I’ve been getting a few good glucose numbers and this is good. I’ve noticed that my body has started responding to normal glucose range as low considering most of my numbers are high. This means that I haven’t lost the war only a battle or two. I purchased out of pocket my testing supplies, which holy hell who knew they were so friggin expensive that is just ridiculous and started keeping track with an app on my iPhone.

Some more good news is that my girlfriend’s visit to Pa is getting closer and closer and we are both getting more excited. She has started a countdown. I believe we are at 7 weeks-ish. She’s better at that than I am. Im more of a woot! its almost time kinda girl. I’ve been thinking more and more about my move to Texas. Its become an unknown at this point. I was sure within the year but now not so much. I dont want to seem to excited for it because in order for me to go, someone I care about won’t be around anymore. It will be a bittersweet moment and I can’t help but dread and hope at the same time. (For the record, it does not make me a bad person to want this. It makes me want to live my own life, instead of for others.)

I’ve even started planning the smaller things out in my head of course. Like what flowers we’ll have in our garden and if my favorite veggies will grow in the heat.

Sam is looking pretty good. She had her last dose of meds last night and she is back to her same rambunctious self. She almost took down my curtains. Next up for her… Booster shots and getting her baby making factory shut down pre-production. (Couldn’t help but start singing the reproduction song from Grease 2 right now.)

All in all, I’m pretty ok emotionally at the moment. How long will that last is the question considering its bill time again and my OT was less than adequate this week. But, I guess it could be worse. I could be homeless and not have a job. So for now, no complaints and I will be back again another day. When I’m sure to have something incredible ridiculous to rant about.


Healthy Life Update

This one is pretty small. Im still hanging in there on my lifestyle change. Things are working out pretty good. Im gonna be making a reduced sugar strawberry cake this weekend and im totally cutting corners. I’ll post the easy as 1-2-3 recipe this weekend. Anyone can make it. Now, I’m outta here its time to shove some food albeit healthy food into my cakehole!

Healthy Life Day 2

I decided that given my diagnosis 7 years ago of type II Diabetes, I would dedicate my life to living healthier. Then, I started college and I was living meal to meal never really watching anything or carb counting or any other health sustaining choice your supposed to be doing with that prognosis. It was difficult to comprehend that even though I was active, running from class to class and always, “on the go”, that did not classify as exercise either. I was kidding myself, or convincing myself that I was doing all I could. This illness runs in my family. All the women on my mothers side of the family have T2D. I had a wake up call when my mother finally lost her vision due to complications of the illness and I decided that I didnt want to live that way. I had too much life left to live and too much world to see. I thought what kind of a person would let themselves go blind if they could prevent it?

I started exercising, label reading, I even took a class in type 2 management. I attend an annual refreshers course on the complications and preventative measures associated with Diabetes. I am too young and too educated about this to not know better. I lost 30 pounds in a month and was stoked only to start dealing with a bout of depression and I regressed. I was dealing with being homeless, and family issues, and living on less than any person should have to in this day and age. Even while going to school and pitching in my little paycheck from my state work study which, was a maximum 20 hours a week. My mother’s health began to decline rapidly so I had decisions to make. I stopped my care and focused on her. Im not complaining or asking for a gold star, Im just trying to get my point across that we all live under different circumstances and we shouldn’t judge people when we don’t understand what they’ve been through.

I’ve gained all my weight back since then and a whole lot more…

My health has taken a turn and I am no longer the sort of healthy girl I was in my early twenties and its become obvious by the signs of floaters in my eyes. This is how it started for my mother. I’ve decided to ultimately pull my head out of my ass and get back on the fast track to healthy living.

Now, instead of a diet, I’ve started a complete lifestyle change. I need to get my mind, body and diabetes under control. So my official new life began yesterday. I begin my day with reading a love quote from a small calendar that was given to me by a special person. My next step is to integrate a 15 minute meditation, for example the awesome yoga youtube videos make a great tool. I will increase it as I see fit. Im not rushing and thats the point. Also this isnt set up for me to do bright and early in the morning, the hell with that. If my second shift and insomnia cause me to wake up at noon, well guess what? This process will start at that point. Its 7am somewhere right? The important thing is that Im fitting it in. The rest of my day will consist of healthy eating, I will post awesome new recipes I’m trying and pictures of what my attempt looks like. Im also taking some time out to write which is something that used to give me pleasure and relieves stress for me which, is part of the mind synch. This is a learning process for me and I want to record my days using this blog. My moods, my stress, if Im feeling hopeless or exhilarated. For now, internet people… you are my therapist…

Lunch today was pretty simple, luckily enough I live closed to a good market that has a fresh produce salad bar… I added some chickpeas for more fiber and a few shakes of a sesame noodle to add some snap to it. It was also my first time with Chobani greek yogurt, or any greek yogurt. I chose pineapple of course for its delicious flavor. Im sure Shawn Spencer would be happy. Those of you that watch Psych will understand that reference if not… wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! hehe.

Salad Bar

Now for dinner… tonight I decided on pasta to remind myself that I can still have my favorite foods just portion control and replace some of the less healthier ingredients with healthier ones. I used a multigrain pasta and those of you who are in doubt, give it a try. Its not as bad as it used to be and it tastes pretty much the same. I also opted for a lighter sauce and bought one that had less sodium, and fewer calories. Prego now makes a heart healthy line and its pretty good and I replaced the ground beef/sausage with a ground turkey just added a teaspoon of olive oil to make up for the less fat. Came together nicely and I made a good sized side salad with a vinegar dressing eating it first to fill me up so I wouldn’t crave so much of the pasta.

Multigran Rotini with Turkey Ragu.

Not sure whats on the menu for tomorrow but you know I will post it no matter what.
For now, Im going back to watch my season 4 of CSI:NY!
Over and Out