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Sam’s hanging in there.

A few days ago my 9 month old demon kitteh got out the back door and managed to get attacked by another cat. I should mention that she Sam is female and shes been going in and out of heat. Before people start flipping I already have the appointment to get her fixed… Anyway, She started getting listless, her hind legs were weak, she wouldn’t eat or drink and I knew it would be time for a vet visit.

I took her to our local town vet who shaved her back and discovered two puncture wounds and a fever of 106.6, and that is just dangerously high for any living creature. At this point I hadn’t slept for 24 hours and I was worried she was going to have to be put down. I was upset, she was upset it just wasn’t a good day. Finally we got things cleared up at the vet and after a lot of injections and a pill we were discharged.

Getting her home made me feel better but only for a brief period. She still refused to drink or eat, her temp was still up and she wouldn’t come out of her carrier. The vet prescribed a heavy duty controlled substance for her pain and it really did seem to help but not until the middle of that night. Having been up for over 36 hours I finally crashed. I had to run some errands yesterday but I couldn’t stop thinking that we were going to have to go back to the vet. She wasn’t getting better and if it was something more horrible I didn’t her to suffer no matter how much it would hurt, I couldn’t be that selfish and leave her like that. When I walked in from running errands she was out of the carrier, sitting on the bed. She was purring and didn’t seem to be herself but she wasn’t out of it either. She’s now eating and drinking and basking in the sunlight. Im pretty confident she is going to make a full recovery, thankfully.

My Bengal Sam